AI Content Reactor

A mind-blowing system to harness AI.Use breakthrough techniques to write and create authentic, original content at a speed and quality level that no one else can match. And automate it.The ideas here are so powerful, when I first discovered the system, I became physically nauseous.RECENT JULY UPDATE: AI + AUTOMATIONS

Purchasing power parity available in many countries.

Ai Content Reactor will transform your life if

You're a creator who...
• Writes on similar topics often and needs new ideas
• Needs tons of posts / scripts
• Wants to cut research time by 90%
• Wants to cut writing time by 80%
• Wants to remain authentic and original and in control of the content
You're a freelancer or content marketer who...
• Writes articles, blogs, and newsletters
• Wants to write at blazing speeds and yet have your AI assistant be undetectable
You're an AI enthusiast who...
• Has experimented with prompts and tools and sees potential
• Is wary of the hype machine, and has a high bar for quality
• Wants to use state-of-the-art prompt engineering without spending 100s of hours learning

What's included

Over 2.5 hours of material — the materials in this course can be completed fast. Not because the info isn't valuable. But because I've invested extra time into streamlining it for you using a mix of video, trascripts, and written lessons

Ready-made megaprompts — Included are easy-to-copy text prompts to build out your writing own system. Just fill in the blanks. It's like MadLibs, but instead of a hilarious story, at the end you get audience insights and content you can post and use.

No code + automation templates — there's nothing technical here. No training data models or writing code. Just follow a process, write in plain text, copy my stuff, and you're good. I show you how to do everything so you can make it your own.


1,900+ people have joined so far. Here's what they had to say:

About Rob Lennon

I've been experimenting with AI ever since GPT-2 came out in 2019. I've spent 1,000+ hours testing AI writing tools since then, including December 2022, when I had a series of breakthroughs that changed everything.Stack that with my 17+ years experience in start-ups (14 as a content marketer) and my experience as an indie writer (self-published 47x).In the end though, nothing bothers me more than cheap, soulless, generic content with no original insight. That's not what we're building here with AI. Oh no—we're building a system that works for you like your personal 24/7 content team, and sometimes, even acts like a second you.

Total Awe Guarantee

If you buy, I promise you'll love what you get.This should make you insanely excited when you see the potential AI has to improve your content game.If, after experiencing the magic, you somehow feel it wasn't worth the money, you're welcome to a refund. Just ask within a month of purchasing.

Purchasing power parity available in many countries.

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